Mortgage (and Money)

The mortgage center can help you prequalify and apply for a new or refinance mortgage, save up for a down payment or access short term funds based on your home equity. 

Mortgage and Finance

Manage Your Money With The Right Mortgage

Your mortgage is a powerful yet underutilized financial tool that you can use to lower your monthly costs and build your financial future.

It starts with getting the right mortgage or refinancing into a better mortgage. The decisions you make today will impact your financial future over the next 30 years.

It’s not too late to talk to a professional about getting the maximum benefit from your mortgage.

It’s also not too late to think about being the bank and lending to local buyers and homeowners. It’s a secure and easy way to indirectly invest in the real estate market. 

Mortgage Insights


How Are You Different To My Mortgage Broker?

Most mortgage brokers view your mortgage as a one-off transaction so you can buy a home. We view your mortgage as a powerful financial and retirement tool and have a number of unique strategies designed to lower your interest rate, reduce your living costs and build your financial future.

How Can I "Be The Bank"?

Most people don’t realize how secure and profitable it is to lend money and have that money secured by the equity in a home. It’s remarkably easy to be a private lender. We can show you how to do it with the least risk and the most security.

Can You Help Me Prequalify?

Yes, we can help you improve your credit score and qualify for the best possible loan. We can also help you access down payment funds or connect you with an investor willing to partner with you on a new home.

How Do I Access Short Term Funds ?

We have a number of private lenders willing to lend you money at a fair rate as long as it is secured by the equity in your home. Our private lenders are local investors who understand the local real estate market and prefer lending to owning an investment home. 

What About Refinancing and Home Equity Loans?

We’re not motivated by selling you a loan product so this allows us to show you the true  cost of refinancing your mortgage or failing to refinance your mortgage.

What's The First Step?

You need to reach out and give us a call. It’s our experience that we can help just about everyone get an excellent deal or improve their current mortgage.

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