A Better Way To Own A Home

The Residential Ground Lease Group

Delivering Housing Affordability

The SafeGround Lease delivers below market rate pricing for new residential homes by creating a better way to own a home.

“Olive Grove Capital has reimagined how people buy homes by taking a centuries old idea, the ground lease, and modernizing it to create a safe, secure and more affordable way to own a home.

By eliminating the cost of the land, we’re able to deliver quality new homes at an average 25% below market rate, with 25% less downpayment and 25% less monthly mortgage payments.”

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A Better Way to Buy a Home

“Buy your new home for 25% less¬†

than the exact same home next door.”

Victoria ANELKA

Marketing Manager ot Boco Realty


Meet the team that’s changing the way we buy a home.¬†

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