Residential Ground Lease

safe ground lease

Buying a home with our industry changing SafeGround lease is a better and more affordable way to buy and own a home. It’s better because by eliminating the cost of the land you get a superior financial structure that will save you an average 25% on the home purchase price and tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage loan. 

tackling home affordability

separating the land and the home

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a Better Financial Model

25% lower price

You can buy a home for 25% less than the exact same home next door. 

A Modern Residential Ground Lease

Introducing the SafeGround Lease

Legal Documentation

When you buy the home you’ll execute one additional legal document, the SafeGround lease, to lease the land for 99-Years. The SafeGround lease protects your rights and gives you exclusive use of the land in return for payment of a monthly ground rent. 

Safe and Secure

The SafeGround lease is written to protect the homeowner. It’s a modern residential ground lease that gives you certainty as to your current and future monthly payments and the full use and enjoyment of the property.

99-Year Lease

You will enter into a 99-Year Lease, that can be renewed for an additional 99-years.  That’s not forever, but it’s probably longer than either of us will be around.

An Option to Buy

You have an option to buy the land at any time at a fair market appraised value. 

No Deed Restrictions

Affordable housing programs use ground leases to keep homes affordable. To keep the homes permanently affordable they also restrict the resale price and limit the future sale to a low-income buyer. This is done through deed restrictions. We don’t do any of that! You can sell your home at any time, to anyone and for any price. 

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