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Did you know that you can sell to us and get a cash offer on your home today?

We’ve put together a fund to buy homes in Town. No hassle, no showings, no repairs, no stress and a whole new simple way to sell your home at full market value.


Keeping It Simple

How It Works

1 - Enter a few home details

Enter a few details about your home so we can get our numbers together and make you an offer.

2 - Get an offer

We know the market so we're in a position to make you an instant and fair market value.

3 - Plan the closing

Close when you're ready. We're flexible about the closing date and committed to our promise to make things as easy as possible for you and to taking the hassle and stress out of selling your home.

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We’ve dramatically Simplified the home selling process by eliminating all doubt and stress.


What's The Big Idea?

We wanted to take all the stress and doubt out of selling your home by giving you a cash offer at a fair market price. 

How Do You Do It?

We solved the money part of the transaction by partnering with local investors to raise the funds to buy homes in Town.

How Do I Benefit?

You get to sell your home without all the hassle and uncertainty of the way-too-complicated process that agents currently sell homes. No inconvenience, no showings, no repairs and no stress or doubt.

Is There Any Cost To Get An Offer?

There is no cost to request an offer. 

What About The Sales Price?

We know the market and will offer you a fair market price. We believe in the Town housing market and are in it for the long run.

How Do I Get My Money ?

You get paid at closing, just like any other home sale. You choose the date, we’ll co-ordinate the closing and be there with your cash.

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