Sell Us Your Developable Land

How it Works for Sellers

cash Offer

We’re looking for developable land to build residential housing projects. If you have suitable land for sale, we’re interested in making a cash offer.

Partner With Us

A number of projects are developed as a joint venture with the land owner. If you would prefer to partner with us and share in the project upside, we’re open to ideas.

Unlock Your Land Value

The biggest issue with owning land is that it’s usually a non-performing asset. We’ll show you how to unlock land value and generate a lifetime of annuity income.

Who we are

We Love Land!

We unlock the value of land to create true lifetime residual and annuity income while delivering affordability to homebuyers.

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Sellers Get ...

Instant Offer

We’ll make you a same day, instant offer on your land. We know what we’re looking for and are willing to move quickly on the right property.

Sellers Want ...

GuarAnteed Close

As a cash buyer we’re in a position to close on all our offers. If you sell your land to us we’ll make sure we close the sale.

You just tell us where and when!


Sellers Like ...

Hassle Free


No Staging

No need to list your home or stage it for sale. We're interested in the land, not the home.


No Showings

No nosy neighbors walking through your home and taking a look around your property.


No Contingencies

No holding your breath to see if the buyers qualify for a loan or first needs to sell their current home.

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