Modernizing the
Residential Ground Lease

Olive Grove Capital’s mission is to deliver a better and more affordable way to own residential real estate by modernizing the ground lease. We believe that we can deliver a significantly more affordable product to homeowners while providing investors with superior and secure returns. 

We bring a new innovative vision to residential real estate ownership. 

Our modern ground lease is disrupting the real estate market by providing a superior capital solution for homeowners and investors. 

We do this by eliminating the cost of the land from the home purchase price and rigorously protecting the homeowner’s leasehold interest in the land with our Safe Ground Lease. 

Rapid appreciation in home values has created a deepening housing crisis throughout North America. We believe that affordability will be the primary driver for new and innovative ownership and financing structures. 

The Safe Ground Lease tackles affordability head on by delivering a high quality housing product as a substantial discount to market rate.

Delivering safe, Growing AND ANNUITY Income

Superior Investor returns

Our Safe Ground Lease provides investors in our residential ground lease projects with the highest level of security as every investment is  backed by real estate and secured by the most senior position of the capital structure.

Your ground lease investment enjoys a senior position in the capital stack structure. By owning the ground under the building your investment is limited to the safest 25% of the property’s combined value. Additionally, the underlying real estate asset is insured and protected against loss.

Even in a catastrophic event, like a fire or the destruction of the building, plus the failure of an insurance policy, the land and land value will likely remain intact.

The Safe Ground Lease delivers increased cash-on-cash returns and IRR in relation to similar fee simple real estate investments. Investors enjoy growing, contractual cash flows and participate in captured land appreciation.


Our Ground Lease Projects

1,600 Proposed Housing Units

We’ve acquired a significant land portfolio in and around Boulder County for the development of twelve residential ground lease communities with a proposed 1,600 new housing units.  Our communities are in various stages of land planning and represent a mix of multifamily and single family homes centered around Longmont, Colorado.. 

As each project approaches the construction stage, accredited investors will be invited to participate through a private placement offering.